Instrumental Adjusting

The Adjustor™ is a hand held mechanical adjustment device used in place of the physicians hands to reproduce a controlled adjustment to the spinal segments and extremities.

The Erchonia Variable Adjustor is a portable, self-contained unit offers inherent flexibility. The variable pulse feature offers the practitioner the option of selecting a “constant” or “pulse” wave.

The mechanical device is best suited for patients that are young or elderly that have weaker bone structure. It allows the physician to treat patients that have a inherent fear of being adjusted because of the popping noise, (cavitation), or tenses up during a normal adjusting procedure.

If you have any concerns about regular chiropractic adjustments. Ask Dr. Shea about the benefits of the “Erchonia Adjustor” we have found many patients that were afraid to be adjusted found mechanical treatment effective, comfortable and long lasting.